Thedius Park

High-bard and loremaster of Krelowynn


Thedius Park- [CG-Human-Bard-12/Wizard 7]
Homeland: Waterdeep [Faerun]
Religious Philosophy: Craft, Chaos, Creation, Good, Liberation, Renewal, Travel

Str: 14
Dex: 17
Con: 12
Int: 22
Wis: 16
Cha: 20

Known Items Carried: Ebony Fly, Keen Rapier +2, Slapperwood Lute, Flying Carpet, Mithral Chainshirt +3, Cloak of Resistance +2, Heward’s Handy Haversack, Assorted Wands

R*-Artistic [PGF]
H- Extra Music
1- Negotiator
3- Versatile Performer
6- Acrobatic
9- Spell Focus- Illusion
12- Investigator
15- Craft Wonderous Item
W5- Spell Focus- Enchantment
B^- Leadership
*- Krelowynn Characters receive a Bonus Regional Feat upon character creation.
^- As a circumstance of his travels and deeds, Thedius has aquired the Leadership feat free.


Thedius was brought to the world of Krelowynn during research he was commissioned to do for a powerful wizard from his own home plane. As the research unfolded, Thedius and his friends found themselves trapped in a dream city, riding from dimension to dimension in search of sleeping souls to feed on.

Being the adventurous type, Thedius set out from the traveling town to explore this new world it had brought him to, and was quickly taken in by its technological wonders, as well as the appreciation for art that these highly educated societies presented. Today, he travels around the world by various magical and mechanical means, taking with him, the Park Entertainment Emporium, a collective of acrobats, illusionists, and other performers he has employed during his travels. The group hails from the mountainous land of Madonea, but travel all about the continent of Sornyeth, including Besk, Wyrm’s Reach, and the surrounding colonies. It is said that even though he is from another world, few, if any have as much knowledge of the goings on throughout all of Krelowynn as Thedius.

He also has his hand in several businesses throughout his vast travel route, including musical instrument companies, theatres, taverns, and art galleries, generating steady revenue as he continues his own priorities as an adventurer.

Thedius Park

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