Armstrong Richardsmasher

Fangport's biggest fan.


Armstrong Richardsmasher [CG: Human- Wizard 5/Cleric 5]
Str: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 15
Int: 18
Wis: 18
Cha: 12

Known Items Carried: Bouyant Twilight Sharkskin Armor +1, Spear +2, Fangport Sharks T-shirt
Domains: Ocean & Storm

Feats: R*-Sea Legs H-Spell Focus- Conjuration 1-Ships Mage 3- Storm Magic W5- Craft Wand 6- Weapon Focus-Spear 9- Spell Focus- Transmutation

*Armstrong has a Bonus Regional Feat for being from Krelowynn
^Armstrong has the Run Feat as a bonus in exchange for his -2 phobia of Undead


All Armstrong ever wanted was to be a normal guy, but that’s never quite worked out for him. A grandson of the inventor of mechanized aviation, Armstrong has always been a deep thinker. Too deep. Ramblings speak of a time when his own country did laboratory experiments on him, but even his own traveling companions can only speculate on the matter. What is clear is that Armstrong goes to great lengths to keep a low profile and keep his use of arcane magic a closely guarded secret.
Richardsmasher is an avid fan of the sport Fieldball, and is a diehard supporter of his local Fangport Sharks, despite many years of being last in the league. During a trip to Cannonport to watch a few games he was witness to the attacks on Cannonport. His months since have been spent doing guard duties here and there for steady pay as a militia spearman, all the while, staying on the move to elude attention.
He has taken well to his position as 1st Mate of the Maiden’s Folly, alongside his calamity prone friend, Captain Finnigan. Together they have started finding secret river routes into Besk to circumvent the current embargo and get to the root of the war with their own investigation. Richardsmasher is also a close associate of retired Fieldball superstar Kruthex Leon, who has since joined the elite ranks of the Dregun Knights.

Armstrong Richardsmasher

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