Three milennia after Fire Snow, an apocalyptic event brought on by human technology, humankind has grown back to a golden age of discovery and invention. Dwarves, with their long history have stepped forth as friends to humankind, shepherding them to less destructive uses of technology. Elves work among them, often as swashbuckling sailors, watching human civilization closely for signs of recurring doom at their hands. They are not as hands-on with the humans as the dwarves though, and prefer to keep their societies secluded to the far east.

In recent history, the ever-expansion-minded country of Wyrm’s Reach has embraced full-scale dependence on technology, and made the practice of arcane magic highly illegal within their cities. Those who practiced magic in the area prior to the law migrated to the delta country known as Besk. Here, in the swamps where the mountains of Madonea often flooded the land with runoff from snow and rain, these immigrants found success as spice traders, alchemists, and vendors of spell components to other magic-friendly nations.

Fearing that magic is still too close to their boarders for comfort, Wyrm’s Reach, and its fledgling colonies have enacted an embargo upon Besk’s coasts, following a mysterious attack in the town of Cannonport that killed tens of thousands. The situation has mostly been a stalemate, with Besken officials denying involvement in the attacks, while Wyrm’s Reach’s impressive naval fleet blocks all sea trade to their capital Khad-le`shek.

Meanwhile, to the south of the embargo, the desert nation of XII Suns, known for their apathy and cruelty to thrive in a climate most couldn’t survive is starving at the loss of Besken trade. Having lost a prior war with Wyrm’s Reach, a treaty holds XII Suns from taking action without open war. XII Suns isn’t concerned with victims and oppressors in the pending war. They simply wish the embargo to be moved back a few miles, opening their own ports in Nhmuthkna Bay to get foodstuffs from Besk. As Wyrm’s Reach remains adamant on their blockade, the collective population of the Besken Sea waits with baited breath for a war involving all three countries.

Krewlowynn is a property of A.W.S. Entertainment Group LLC
Published A.W.S. Entertainment 2012
Written by M. Vallejo
Contributing Artists: M. Vallejo, D. Sweet
Contributing Writers: J. Crone, W.H. Mattox
Beta Game Testers: B. Calcagno, J. Crone, D. Sweet, J. Yates, T. Trent, W.H. Mattox, M. Gatliff, J. Trent, J. Jackson,